Jamaica: part 2 LANDED!!!

So after an uneventful 3+ hour flight (in which my husband and I were fortunate enough to get a row of seats all our own!)  the descent began.  Looking out of the window on the left side of the plane all I could see was beautiful blue water.  We came in steep, the airport at Montego... Continue Reading →


What a deceptive word.  At first it seems such a simple concept, but in my mind it is very complex.  One could say that "tradition" is how things have always been done.  It has an underlying sense of propriety and nostalgia. It is wholesome feeling.  Growing up in the south has a different set of... Continue Reading →

Jamaica: Flight out

I would like to begin with, I am in love.  Truly, deeply, madly in love. But before I say more I will give you a day by day account of my Jamaica experience, I will let you judge for yourself. Day 1: ExCiTeMeNt Our flight was meant to leave Lubbock Preston Smith airport at 0730. ... Continue Reading →

The Peach

We were running into a craft shop to search for fabric that I need for a project, myself, my husband and my son.  As we were walking in there was a man coming in our direction on the sidewalk.  He was dirty, matted brown hair a large orange backpack clutched against his chest.  There was... Continue Reading →

Creatively Uninspired

I always lay in bed at night developing themes for fantastic best selling novels that will catapult me to wealth and esteem.  I wake up, I begin typing and I realize... my brain doesn't do well in daylight!  

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