Lessons From Youth. Lesson 1: “Normal”

Reminiscent of my childhood “library”.

I taught myself to read when I was three years old. I would sit in the bathroom closet and looking at comics that were hidden inside. I couldn’t read, so I would peruse the images and try to make sense of what was happening. The were detailed comic books that my father had hidden away in the closet. The women were all beautiful, the men a bit gross. I made up stories to go with the pictures. I would pay close attention when my mother read me stories and I took that knowledge and transferred it to my secret reading. Soon words joined the pictures and although I didn’t understand most of the humor I did finally understand why my father had hidden them. Little did I know that those comics were “erotic comics”.

Yep, I learned to read with porn. Who knew it was possible!

This is just one of many times looking back that I now recognize that I had a weird upbringing.

You see, it wasn’t until I got a bit older that I understood that we were not normal. But then, what the hell does that mean?

So I should probably warn whoever is reading this now, it isn’t always going to be sunshine and daisies. It isn’t always going to be motivational, or even PG. I sometimes use profanity. I will tell some shady stories. You see the world isn’t always pretty and perfect, and I sure as hell don’t pretend to be either!


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