Goodbye house

Wow, its been insane.

We have officially been moved to Arkansas now for 19 days. I say officially because that’s when Son2, doggies and I rejoined our pack….er family… and came to be with Hubby, Daughter and cat. Hubby was the first to leave Texas in July. He didn’t get to say goodbye to the house, which is a sad topic for him.  I know that might sound strange to some of you, who needs to say goodbye to a house. Well it just so happens that it wasn’t just a house, it was Our house. Capital “O”… Ours. It was the first home that we purchased after several years of renting. It was the home that the kids morphed from small naive little creatures into larger, slightly more independent naive creatures. It was Son 1’s last home with us before moving out and towards his own independence. The place where Son 2 and his best friend Curlytop gamed the nights away and daughter hosted so many giggling silly sleepovers, girls raced up and down the stairs until we wanted to scream. It was the place where my doggy Max lived his final years, and broke my heart with his passing. Where Hubby mourned after his mother passed away. It was there that we learned about and began to process his illness. The rooms saw our smiles and laughter, as well as deep heart wrenching grief. We tore down walls and painted, we ripped up floors and rebuilt the kitchen… together we had a vision of what we wanted the house to be and that is exactly what we created.  It was Our house, and Hubby did not get to say a proper goodbye.

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