I would literally give anything in the world for one more conversation with her.  The one that sticks in my mind the most is that last one, when she wasn’t really herself anymore.  She told me that a maharaja had been admitted to the hospital, that they had put him into the room next to hers.  She was excited and impressed and her eyes glowed brightly.  “They were carrying chests full of jewels, his guards… rows and rows of them.   They marched past me and carried those golden cases full of diamonds and rubies, and they were the good stuff.  It was beautiful. So many jewels, he must be a very important man.” I remember choking back my tears and forcing a smile. It was the first time that she had regained consciousness since September 30… it was December 31st 1999.  She had always radiated strength and common sense.  I was frightened by her delusional words.  That fear was so entangled with my joy that she was awake and speaking, that her eyes were looking at me. The battle of emotions that I felt was unlike anything that I had ever experienced before, or since.  I looked to my grandpa, I saw my confusion reflected back in his teary eyes. Neither of us knew that it was the last day of her life.  We didn’t realize that just after midnight she would breath her last breath. I often think of the jewels, the maharaja….. the wonder in her eyes as she told me about how beautiful it was.  I so miss her.

via Daily Prompt: Conversation

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