Day 2 Jamaica Va-Ca

Trying to acclimate to another culture, climate and mindset is a daunting task.  Shadowed by the feelings of adolescent insecurity and concerns of other people’s perceptions I began the second day of our vacation.  It didn’t take me long to have the epiphany that people do not care! They don’t care that I haven’t lost the extra ten pounds, they don’t care that my hair color is maybe not where I want it.  It was the most exhilarating and freeing sensation to realize those few things.  I could be myself, I didn’t have to care what others thought.  WOW!

By now you know my opinion; there is no place in the world (at least none that I can imagine) as beautiful and welcoming as Jamaica.  We decided that the best way to begin was to take things slow.  Get a feel for the place and then decide on what we wanted to actually do while there.  Those of you that know me will realize that the previous sentence is all Hubby!! My brain does not do “relax” on vacation, never has probably never will! I see each trip as a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity to experience something and I am hardwired to fit as much in as I possibly can.  I resisted the temptation to drive everyone insane with my insistence on planning and made a genuine true effort to go with the flow.  So our first official day in Jamaica was eating the most remarkable delicious variety of food you can imagine, staring at the most translucent blue sea and just being happy to be alive.  Day drinking in Jamaica, definitely a thing, we all did our fair share within reason.  The last thing I wanted was for my memories to be diminished by too much alcohol.

Cathy and I abandoned the guys and walked around the resort to see what we could discover.  Perfectly maintained landscape with lush jungle-like plants that I have only ever seen on television greeted us.  Tiny lizards darted around, climbing and scurrying with purpose that we couldn’t relate to.  We found a wall and leaned over to watch the waves crash against it while crabs relaxed on rocks in the sunshine, not bothered about the movement of the sea.

We went around to the front were the official “garden” could be found.  It was truly like a jungle.  Massive palm and banana trees,  exotic flowers with enormous colorful blooms.  Even the grass we walked on, thick vibrant and completely alive.  We found the parrots that live at the resort.  I went to the cage to admire them and heard a squawky voice above my head “hello” and then “hola”… I was amused with the bilingual bird and began saying hello back to it in all the languages that I could think of.  Cathy got bored with me and walked ahead a bit.  I reluctantly pulled myself away and we returned to the guys, sitting in the corner of the outdoor bar.  The seats that we would soon claim for the duration of our stay.

Later on we went down to the beach and I couldn’t stop myself from standing in the current and just feeling the power of the ocean beat against me.  I stood still to feel myself sink in the sand.  Hubby drug me into the water in an attempt to scare me (sort of worked!) Cathy (who I am sure will appreciate this retelling) had a bit to much to drink.  I was getting out of the water and Hubby and James were laughing hysterically.   Come to find out my graceful friend went, pardon the expression, ass over in the waves while coming back to the shore.  Apparently she was rolling and doing dramatic bathing suit somersaults which she was unaware that she could do!  The highlight to the story, on the beach in front of her at that time was a wedding!  We all took bets that somewhere in the wedding photos is a picture of Cathy’s ass in the air, rolling towards the happy couple!


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