What a deceptive word.  At first it seems such a simple concept, but in my mind it is very complex.  One could say that “tradition” is how things have always been done.  It has an underlying sense of propriety and nostalgia. It is wholesome feeling.  Growing up in the south has a different set of rules for “tradition” I think than anywhere else in America as well as the world.  Hiding behind something so innocent as “tradition” one finds racism, religious persecution, intolerance and a twisted “oh you sweet thing” mentality. My argument then is this, the concept itself of “tradition”, can also have a darker feel to it… especially in the politically controversial world we are currently surviving in.   It’s tradition to pray before a meal for some, for others it is tradition to wear a hijab… whose to say which “tradition” is wrong.  Either can be a cause of “offense”, both can be simple personal choices.  The problem begins whenever different sets of people force their “traditions” on others… if a restaurant were to force a non-Christian family to pray before a meal would the controversy created by that be as severe as if someone were to force a Christian woman to wear a hijab?  Unlikely! Perspective is an amazing tool which everyone inherently possesses and so many choose not to utilize.  I personally strive to if not understand, then at least respect, the “traditions” of others.  Why spend mental strain on trying to change others when every single one of us can look inside and improve ourselves?   Just my thoughts……….   via Daily Prompt: Traditional

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