Jamaica: Flight out

I would like to begin with, I am in love.  Truly, deeply, madly in love.

But before I say more I will give you a day by day account of my Jamaica experience, I will let you judge for yourself.

Day 1: ExCiTeMeNt

Our flight was meant to leave Lubbock Preston Smith airport at 0730.  We left home at 0600, picked up our friends and arrived at the airport at about 0630.  Flight delayed.  We ended up boarding and leaving at around 0900.

Landed in Houston, had a layover long enough to get to where we needed to be and have some food.  The level of activity and the number of people was almost overwhelming at first.  I felt my eyes darting everywhere and trying to take in every detail.  I was doing the annoying thing I always do, mentally “writing” a description so that nothing would be forgotten.  I found myself wandering alone, Hubby was outside smoking and I headed to Starbucks.  I must have looked as excited as I felt because people kept looking at me and smiling.  Normally this would have been worrying (do I have a booger) but on that day, did not care!

As I waited for my coffee there was a handsome pilot also waiting.  I almost ran him over trying to get to the counter and made an awkward apology.  He smiled and asked where I was headed.  I said going to Jamaica, and talked about how I was excited and nervous.  Excited because JAMAICA and nervous because I had never gone anywhere and this was the longest flight I had ever been on.  He asked if my family was with me and I told him that it was just my husband and I running away without the kids.  He sort of laughed and said, “Well I promise to get you there in one piece, I’m your pilot!”

What are the odds???

I was astounded. Me being who I am blurted the first thing that came into my head, “Cool, I trust you then.”  In reality I was trying to convince myself more than anything but he laughed loudly and made the best offer ever.  “Tell the stewardess that I invited you and your husband to see the cockpit if you’d like.”

Jaw on floor.

Would I like??

I felt like a five year old, Hell yes I would like!!!!! And so Jamaica began, cheesy cockpit photo and all.


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