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We all have things in life that aim us down a certain path. What factors go into choosing which way we go?

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Life Lessons 3: “Normal” The Slumber Party

Middle school killed my innocence. That's all there is to it really. Although life at home was overly dramatic and stressful, I still thought that we were pretty much normal. Going to middle school meant a new group of friends, new experiences, harder classes and the emergence of peer cruelty. I remember being so excited... Continue Reading →

The Rain

I showed up for work not feeling the Monday. As I swiped my card I heard Mr. Smith behind me, "Oh there you are!" I turned around, surprised that anyone would be looking for me so early in the day. Typically my duties wouldn't begin until after the tardy bell. That's when the long line... Continue Reading →

The birth of the family curse.

Whenever I was a teenager my eyes opened to how bad life really was. I began to jokingly refer to everything negative in my world as "the Jackson family curse". I think at the time I was trying to be ironic but somehow the concept seemed to have merit and the more that I thought... Continue Reading →

In Dreams

I dreamed of him last night. No, not HIM, another him. Equally as important in my youth. I was standing in front of my grandparents house, when it was still my grandparents house. He stood holding a water hose, tending to his pecan tree. I was trying to talk him into moving. "Grandpa" I said,... Continue Reading →

The Path (another throwback to 1998)

Rounding the corner of the badly worn gravel path was like crossing into another world. The sun warmed our backs and drifted lazily through the overhanging canopy of branches adorning the young oak trees. We had left the desert-like west Texas emptiness and emerged into a forest. Untouched and innocent to the ways of human... Continue Reading →

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